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Hot Mod Bag

The Hot Mod bag was inspired by the Mondrian block art style popular in the 1960s. It is sure to impress even the strictest art critics.

Features: color individual pieces of hand-cut leather and black patent leather strips come together in asymmetrical Mondrian-style patterns. A black and white and hot pink silky scarf finish the look.

Other details include: aqua tassel dangling from the black bamboo handle, and brass hardware (clasp, hinges, and purse feet) have been added. Interior is finished with a velvety liner and small mirror. The box is upcycled from a former cigar box, (which has been thoroughly de-odorized), and all original hardware and labels are left intact when possible. Each box has been scrutinized prior to selection, and although small scratches or signs of mild wear and tear are normal, they are considered part of the charming character of these bags, making each one truly one of a kind.

Please note: this bag is handfinished in our design studio, and each one may have slight variations from what is pictured here. Varied artistic details add a unique charm to the clutch and are completely up to the designer's discretion at the time your bag is made. 

Measurements: 10.25" x 8.25" x 1.5"