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Vineyard Prep Bag

Vineyard Prep Bag

Features: a two-toned red croc fabric by designer Susan Albright (@shopsusanalbright) with gold gator accent on the front; rare classic patchwork madras plaid fabric; finished with our signature red and gold riveted suede trim.

Other details include: skinny scarf, tassel dangling from the burnt bamboo handle, and acid-protected hardware (clasp, hinges, and purse feet) have been added. Interior is finished with a velvety liner, pocket, and small mirror. The box is a durable, sable-colored mahogany.

Please note: this bag is hand-finished in our design studio, and each one may have slight variations from what is pictured here. Varied artistic details add a unique charm to the bag and are subject to the designer's discretion at the time your bag is made. 

Measurements: 9.5" x 7.5" x 2.5"