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Vintage Varsity Brown Clutch "UF"

The Vintage Varsity Brown Clutch combines that retro varsity style with the elegance and richness of the Collegiate Monogram clutch. It is an excellent way to display some "fan flair." Made of wood that was 4-step processed to create the unique rich multi-toned, almost leather-like look, the jersey-striped wood box features a "Go Team" pennant and chenille football patch on one side and an orange and blue varsity letter "F" chenille patch on the other. It also has a beaded handle with blue, orange, and white beads and antique gold accents and a blue and orange cheer pom-pom.

Outer dimensions: 7" x 3" x 7-1/4"

Please note: Vintage Varsity is handmade in our design studio, and each onemay have slight variations from what is pictured here. Varied artistic details add a unique charm to the clutch and are completely up to the designer's discretion at the time your bag is made.